Enterprises Risk Services

Risk Management

The objective of Risk Management Process is to identify and manage the company's risk portfolio on a periodic basis. The portfolio is managed at corporate as well as functional/departmental levels.

This objective is met through identification and analysis of key risks (short/medium/long term) the company may be exposed to in the effective achievement of its agreed business objectives. Appropriate actions are agreed to mitigate each of the risks to ensure that these risks are managed effectively to ensure the company goals are achieved in a timely manner

We can help clients turn risk into opportunities to:

Our Statutory Audit services comprise:

  • Improve risk intelligence and strengthen decision making and business strategy
  • Drive business performance by rationalizing risk programs
  • Increase business value by transforming the business model to be more risk adept

Internal Audit

MHMY professionals are fully equipped to provide internal audit solutions which primarily include reviewing controls established by the management, reviewing accounting records for transactions and suggestions for continuous improvement in controls and best practices.

Our internal audit services comprises

  • Defining the requirements of the Management
  • Designing required formats for reporting
  • Review of the systems for adequacy of Internal controls
  • Full time availability, if required to discuss accounting matter as they arise
  • Visiting all sites (Branches) to check Branch Accounts and conducting perpetual Stock count
  • Helping Accounts dept. to fulfill Statutory Audit requirements
  • Implementing and regularising recommendation of statutory auditors
  • Adhering to the Guidelines with respect to Corporate Governance as issued by Capital Marketing Authority

Forensic Audit

MHMY works with organisations to help them in their efforts to achieve the highest level of integrity. At the same time, we work with businesses to effectively manage the costs and risks of complying with new regulations and enforcement activity and the dangers of costly and disruptive litigation.

We assist clients in achieving the highest levels of business integrity through the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and misconduct, and by avoiding and resolving disputes.