Project Feasibility Studies:

An analysis of the ability to complete a project successfully, taking into account legal, economic, technological, scheduling and other factors. Rather than just diving into a project and hoping for the best, a feasibility study allows project managers to investigate the possible negative and positive outcomes of a project before investing too much time and money.

Our Project Feasibility and Project Finance services comprises

  • We objectively and rationally carryout feasibility studies of the existing business or proposed venture, opportunities and threats as presented by the relevant project environment, the resources required to carry through, and ultimately the prospects for success. We also carry out extensive market research to substantiate the feasibility of the projects.

Where required by the client, we develop various Project Financing scenarios for the new or existing Projects/Companies. The scenarios include Equity, Debt or combination of the two options, with associate impact and related Risks and Rewards.

Cost audit

The principal object of this audit is to see that the cost data placed before the management are verified and are reliable and they are prepared in such detail as will serve the purpose of the management in taking appropriate decisions. Our cost audit services aims to achieve the following objectives.

  • Accuracy of costing data
  • Ensures objectives of cost accounting are being achieved by proper cost data compilation
  • Ascertaining abnormal losses
  • Determining unit cost of production
  • Proper absorption of overheads
  • Improving quality of cost accounting system

Business Valuation

The need for transparent and robust valuations to support corporate transactions and to meet regulatory and accounting requirements has increased. But justifying the value of assets and liabilities has grown more complex and critical for most businesses. Our experienced professionals bring excellence in accounting, taxation, and financial due diligence to provide you with valuation advice for a multitude of purposes

Our business valuation team performs valuations of business entities, intellectual property, intangible assets, common and preferred stock and other securities along with partnership interests, private debt instruments, options, warrants and other derivative products. These services are provided to assist clients with mergers, acquisitions and dispositions; taxation planning and compliance; financial reporting; bankruptcy and reorganization; litigation and dispute resolution; and strategic planning.

Tangible Asset Verification

We undertake comprehensive physical verification of tangible assets of the organisation. This includes physical verification of

  • Property, plant and equipments
  • Inventories
  • Work in Progress

Our services includes

  • Physical verification : Identification of assets by physical verification and comparing the same with the books of accounts and reporting on the variance
  • Asset coding : Scientific, systematic and up-to-date coding of the fixed assets enables the management to identify and locate a specific asset without difficulty
  • Asset tagging : Physically affixes the tags on the assets to enable identification of assets.
  • Cost segregation : Segregation of capital and revenue expenditure for recognition of cost of asset accurately in financial records.


Nearly all major companies outsource at least part of their operation. And some companies are almost virtual - relying on external organizations for all but one or two key functions such as product design or marketing. When executed well, outsourcing can allow a company to focus more attention on the business activities that are critical to its success while taking advantage of the external firm's specialized expertise and economies of scale.

A poorly chosen outsourcing strategy can have a devastating impact on service delivery, quality and costs - and become a chronic problem. The choices are complex. MHMY offers the most effective outsourcing solution to the organisations. MHMY offers the outsourcing solutions to all aspects of business operations, which includes

  • Accounting services : We provide high quality accounting services to our clients and provide the management accurate, timely and reliable financial information and reports, which facilitate the management decision making process
  • Payroll services : Maintenance of payroll for the client which includes employee coding, recording of attendance, monthly preparation of payroll, salary transfer, statutory payments to Government depts., calculation of end of service and other employee benefits
  • Budgeting : Prepares comprehensive budget for the organisation which enables the management to plan and control the resources in the optimum manner.
  • CFO functions : Our CFO services is designed to help CFOs improve in the multiple roles they play - from reporting and controls to finance operations or strategy and execution - and address the challenges their finance functions faces.
  • Property, plant and equipment maintenance : Creates, maintains, updates PPE register of the organization.

Commercial disputes / support

Commercial litigation is a general term that applies to any type of litigation or controversy related to business issues. MHMY provides services in the following areas

  • Breaches of contract
  • Agreements limiting competition
  • Misuse of intellectual property
  • Fraud and deceptive trade practices
  • Abuses of trust

Liquidation services

MHMY provides liquidation services in the following areas.

Solvent liquidations:

If shareholders or a holding company no longer require a company, they will often place it into solvent liquidation. If so, their main objectives will be to:

  • Realize the assets of the company;
  • Resolve all outstanding matters of the company, including the settlement of claims of all creditors; and to,
  • Distribute the surplus assets to the stakeholders.

Our team can assist in all stages of the solvent liquidation process. We regularly act as liquidators of solvent companies initiating and finalizing liquidations in a timely and appropriate manner.

Judiciary liquidations (insolvency) :

It is not always possible to preserve a struggling business as a going concern. Liquidation provides a mechanism for the formal winding up of a company in a controlled manner by a liquidator appointed by the Court.

The liquidator realizes assets for the benefit of creditors, shareholders and other stakeholders concerned. The liquidators may also perform extensive investigations into failed companies, examining the conduct of a company’s directors and senior management in order to establish the reasons for its failure. MHMY closely work with the legal profession in this respect.