Strategic Management

Corporate Governance & Assurance

a.Corporate Management Systems/Framework:

A company's Corporate Management System (CMS) describes the operating principles relating to the company's business and provides a common understanding of what the company does, how it is organised, how it conducts its business and what business principles, policies and standards it applies in its day-to-day operations. The document is considered essential reading for the company's leadership team, and also serves as a reference guide to its entire staff.

In includes, but is not limited to, the following aspects of the company's business:

  • 1.Business Operating model:

    A company's Business Operating Model encapsulates all the key processes and activities within the company, which the Management Team has to manage to ensure the effective policies, procedures and controls are in place and to ensure safe, timely and accurate delivery of the company's objectives consistent with its agreed Strategic Mission and Vision as appropriate. The model generally consists of 3 key categories:

    • Core: covers those activities which the company does to create value for shareholders and customers;
    • Corporate: includes the processes established to effectively execute the Core activities that provide the governance,planning and means for engagement with various stakeholders;
    • Enablers: are those processes that the company undertakes to maintain and sustain the Core activities.

b.Governance, Compliance & Assurance

  • 1.Governance Framework:

    Governance constitutes and defines the set of processes, policies, laws, and regulations affecting the way a company is directed, administered and controlled. It typically also includes company's Legal Structure, Board and Board appointed Committees and their compositions, and Delegated Authorities, etc.

  • 2.Statement of General Business Principles (SGBP)

  • 3.Compliance & Assurance:

    The objective of this process is to provide the Management and the Board of Directors with assurance that the management controls are adequate and operating effectively. This is achieved through various activities such as Internal/External Audits, Quality Assurance reviews/certification, and management of various licenses required to allowing the company to operate effectively and efficiently

  • 4.Code of Conduct:

    Code of Conduct (CoC) covers a wide range of business practices and procedures, referred to in a Company's Statement of General Business Principles (SGBP). The CoC highlights the basic rules, standards and behaviours that are expected of each of the company employee, consistent with its core values. It explains requirements and gives guidance to the employees working in areas of business that can pose a risk to business and reputation if the incorrect behaviours are adopted.

    The CoC is a common reference point for anyone who is unclear about what is expected of them in specific situations; a definitive statement of a company's response to many different issues and questions; a valuable toolkit that can help employees put a company's General Business Principles into practice.

  • 5.Self Assessment:

    Self-assessment is a tool, developed by MHMY Auditors, to under-take a health check by Department Heads/Line Managers to assess the effectiveness of their Teams (Section, Department and/or Function) in timely achievement of their Core Mandate in support of Corporate Objectives and Targets. The Performance feed-back may be extended to the relevant team members, the peers, customers (internal/external) as well as the Company Management.

Where required by the client, we develop various Project Financing scenarios for the new or existing Projects/Companies. The scenarios include Equity, Debt or combination of the two options, with associate impact and related Risks and Rewards.

Business Process Review & Re-engineering:

Business Process Reengineering involves the radical redesign of core business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality.

Our BPR provides value added services to the client and enables the management to run the business more efficiently by removing the bottlenecks in the systems and procedures. Our Business Process Management (BPM) practice leverages our firm-wide knowledge and experience to deliver process-based solutions. Our strengths in risk and process implementations yield practical and valuable solutions for our clients in all key industries,

Our BPR Review comprises:

  • Review and/or development of the company's existing Business Operation Model (BOM);
  • Alignment of the existing policies and procedures with the BOM;
  • Gap analysis and remedial options;
  • Recommendations and support implementation, as required.

Human Resource Planning / Development

The world of work is changing. In a global economy people are an increasingly valuable source of sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations need to transform to attract, inspire, motivate, manage, develop and reward their people - or face losing their most valuable assets. We help forward-looking businesses do this.

MHMY's human resource services team helps organisations with their workforce challenges and HR function effectiveness. We offer an objective view of your HR function's business effectiveness

Our services include

  • Talent management and workforce planning
  • HR measurement, benchmarking and analytics
  • HR function effectiveness & transformation
  • HR transaction services

Supply Chain Management

The purpose of SCM (Procure-to-Pay) process is to select, procure and pay for the services and materials required for safe and reliable company operations in the most cost effective manner. It includes the following:

  • The process of identifying the material and service needs of the company;
  • The procurement processes that ensures the quality of the materials and services and the most beneficial commercial terms available in the market;
  • The management of physical and virtual inventory to meet the requirements of safe and continuous operations;
  • Managing supplier relationships, including timely payments, to optimise timely and cost-effective access to materials and services.

The SCM process also provides:

Advice and support to the Line Departments on all aspects of contracting activity, from Procurement Planning, Contracting Strategies, Tender Preparation/Planning including effective interpretation/application of the Contracting Policies and Procedures, up to contract award and close-out;

Assurance to the Corporate Management and Tender Board that an effective Contracting framework is in place, and applied consistently across the Company

MHMY's Supply Chain services will assist you with the full range of process, technology and people change levers essential to building durable competitive advantage through these key services:

  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Integrated Planning
  • Supply Chain & Operations Strategy
  • Logistics Management & Network Optimization
  • Product Costing, Tax Efficient Supply Chain Management &Transfer Pricing
  • Change Management

Business Continuity Planning

A business continuity plan is a roadmap for continuing operations under adverse conditions such as a storm or a crime. MHMY will assist the organisation to prepare business continuity plan to meet the following objectives.

  • To ensure that maximum possible service levels are maintained
  • To ensure that the organisation recover from interruptions as quickly as possible
  • To minimise the likelihood and impact (risk) of interruptions

Investment Advice & Project Financing

A deal that's properly structured Identifying the right business transaction is only the beginning. You must also structure the deal properly if it is to fully achieve its expected value. That's where it helps to have unbiased, objective advice on structuring and executing financial transactions.

For many public and private corporations the place to turn for that type of advice is MHMY's Corporate Finance practice. That is because our corporate finance professionals have extensive transaction and industry experience, which enables them to understand the issues and challenges our clients face.

This includes advising buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders, and financial investors in:

  • Acquisitions, mergers, takeovers, and buy-outs
  • Divestitures
  • Sales of non-core corporate subsidiaries or divisions
  • Equity capital raises, such as private placements
  • Debt capital raises for corporate, sovereign, project, and structured finance
  • Capital restructuring and securitizations
  • Management and leveraged buyouts
  • Private equity solutions
  • Board advisory

Foreign Investment & Trade Advice

It is imperative for any investor entering a foreign economy to have accurate advice regarding the country, its economic situation,future prospects, tax regime etc. to plan his business strategy. MHMY with its vast experience in Oman is providing the following advices to investors in Oman.

  • Formation of company
  • Capital structure
  • Tax registration and planning
  • Manpower registration and planning
  • Sources of finance
  • Nature of activity

Software Consultancy, Implementation and Support

We advice on a wide range of IT related matters, including accounting software, implementation and review of the smooth running of the system by establishing internal controls

Our services in system implementation and review comprise:

  • Data processing services
  • Consultation services for computer hardware and software